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Month: January 2022

Why drag queens and crossdressers gain more recognition and respect today

Drag Queens and Crossdressers: Who Are They?

To cut a long story short, a crossdresser is a person who likes to don the apparel of the opposite sex to which they were assigned. Simply put, they are men who dress as women and women who dress as men. More than a fashion trend, it usually involves some intimate desire that drives their style, whether they wear their preference in public or choose to keep it private. 


Although alternative lifestyles are becoming more acceptable, the idea of breaking social norms, even in the form of clothes we wear, has been very taboo and risqué. But hey, that is often the reason why crossdressers are respected — they are brave!


By the way, transvestite is the dated term for a crossdresser that has been drenched with stigma and is now considered politically incorrect. Just so you know.

But What Is