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Month: December 2019

Things to know if you are a beginner in anal play

Anal orgasm is not very common among women, but this practice need not be excluded from the list of possibilities for pleasure. The anal region is a highly vascularized zone. With various nerve endings are re-thought by a fantastic orgasm when sex is done with good foreplay, proper relaxation, well-chosen positions and surrender.

The anal plug is then a custom shaped accessory to enhance the pleasure of anal sex. It came to be used by you in solo career or in partnership, to further explore the regions of pleasure. The smaller plugs make it easier for beginners of anal sex, a good adaptation, as they contribute to relax the muscles of the region. We will see the models below.

Like all sexual intercourse, anal pleasure does not depend only on the act itself. Manipulation of the anus region can be done with fingers or vibrators or with other erotic …