Want to be #1 in your profession? We can take you there! We are #1 in ours! So, if your interested in having a lot of fun, NOT working for a corporate restaurant chain, making a lot of money and work with the best people....Then...

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Please note that a conviction will not automatically disqualify you for employment. Rather, such factors as age and date of conviction, seriousness and nature of the crime, and rehabilitation will be considered.

I hereby certify that the facts set forth in the above employment application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and authorize Crosstown Pub & Grill, Inc to verify their accuracy and to obtain reference information on my background and previous work performance. I hereby release Crosstown Pub & Grill, Inc from any and all liability of whatever kind and nature, which, at any time, could result from obtaining and having an employment decision based on such information. I understand that, if employed, falsified statements of any kind or omissions of facts called for on this application shall be considered sufficient basis for dismissal. I understand that should an employment offer be extended to me and accept that I will fully adhere to the policies and regulations of employment at Crosstown Pub & Grill, Inc. However, I further understand that neither the policies nor regulations of employment or anything spoken at the interview shall be deemed an employment contract, implied or otherwise. I understand that I employed on a work at will basis and either the Crosstown Pub & Grill, Inc or I can terminate the agreement at any time. I understand that by submitting my email constitutes agreement on my behalf.

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